Terms of service

Compare to other Exchange

We are the  freelancher  money exchange service provider.
Exchange your money without limit.
Any way want to scam & other frud activities we ban you permalently.
Opreator online offline no problem you can exchange any time.
Our agent after confirm your transcation they pay you very quickly.
if you send wrong address you lost your money.
You all time ensure your address,id number & account number.
Before you send any money, 2 time ensure our Account address,Mobile no,Account number.
We not sure all time same rate exchange, its depended supply & demand.
Some time price low & some time high.
Every time you check exchange rate before submit order.
Your buy order completed time  10 minutes to 1 hour.
Some time its need more time if have any tecnical problem.
Your sell order completed time Min.10 Max. 24 hour.
Our Exchange service online everyday .
You can mail us easily from contact page & live chat with our agent,when avilable online.
Due payment of any transaction is not possible.
Sometimes we stop receiving some currency for too much reserve or low balance in our account.You can check this from send recive option.
If you want refund your paid amount  2% fee will be deducted for that.
For Bkash or Rocket or Bank Payment refund 3% fee will be deducted.

Team & Admin
its ''Really Great'' Exchange